PlotWatcher Pro – Longest battery life, fastest picture intervals, saves directly to video, and more!

Longest Battery Life

The PlotWatcher Pro has the best battery life of time-lapse cameras, lasting up to 4 months on a set of 8 AA batteries. Combined with the ability to record up to 1 million images, you have a recipe for successful hunts.


The PlotWatcher Pro saves files straight to video for fast and hassle-free viewing. Other time-lapse cameras save individual images that are difficult to manage. Just download files to your computer and start scanning video.

GameFinder Software

GameFinder software makes it simple to review video files — forward or reverse at your choice of replay speed, or frame by frame. Skip to the next frame in which motion is observed with MotionSearch. Test drive GameFinder.

Know Where to Hunt

Unlike trail cameras that trigger on short-range motion, the PlotWatcher captures images of an area regardless of how far the subject is from the camera. Whether the animal is 30 or 330 feet away, you’ll see them on the video.

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