PlotWatcher Advantages

The original PlotWatcher is a great way to start with time-lapse video

The original PlotWatcher started the revolution in time-lapse video scouting. This camera is a great way to get started. It is easy to set up and use. And it comes with GameFinder software with MotionSearch.

The original time lapse scouting camera

With the time-lapse video, you can review a full day of activity in just a few minutes – even faster using the Day 6 GameFinder Video Player with MotionSearch!

Set-up is simple and easy with just one-button

Simply select the time-lapse interval on the selector wheel, insert a USB drive, turn on the TLV unit and it is ready to scout. A DVD with the following instructional videos is included with the camera.

Scout 10X more area than a trail camera

Unlike trail cameras, the PlotWatcher HD TLV (Time-Lapse Video) captures images of an area regardless of how far the subject is from the camera. Unlike trail cameras, that trigger on short-range motion, the PlotWatcher HD TLV (Time-Lapse Video) captures images of an area regardless of how far the subject is from the camera. This greater field of view allows the hunter to see game and their travel patterns that would have otherwise gone undetected by traditional trail cameras. As a result, the PlotWatcher shows exactly what you would have seen as if you were in the stand. With this ability, hunters can preview likely hunting locations and make an educated decision on where and when to hunt. This will allow hunters to stop wasting time by hunting unproductive spots and focus their efforts on the best locations.

High-definition video

With the PlotWatcher HD TLV mounted at your stand locations, it records HD video of all the activity that happens in the days before you hunt. Images are taken every 5 seconds from dawn until dusk, producing a 10 minute HD video.

GameFinder software with MotionSearch

GameFinder video player software makes it a breeze to review your daily video files. Review them in forward or reverse at your choice of replay speed, or even scroll frame by frame for detailed review. Speed up the review process using the MotionSearch feature to skip to the next frame in which motion is observed. GameFinder software also allows you to easily build and share your own library of HD video clips and pictures. Download GameFinder software now and try it out.

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