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Don’t Mistake the Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro for a Game Camera

Save your breath and refrain from calling the Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro just another trail camera. Save your time and money by investing in a product so technologically advanced there is little comparison to trail cameras known for short battery life and unclear pictures.

Among the PlotWatcher Pro's many great features, perhaps the one that separates it from all the rest is its dedicated time-lapse scouting and game surveillance technology.

The components needed for the dedicated time-lapse technology extend the PlotWatcher Pro's battery life and allow you to take up to 1million pictures. The components used in your average trail camera, which are built for quick reaction times and transferring large sized JPEGs, ultimately leave you with an extremely inefficient camera and poor battery life. Remember, components are key and are the reason most trail cameras can't produce 10K images. Any camera that creates JPEG files has the components of a "trail camera"; this includes all current cameras on the market with exception of the Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro.

The PlotWatcher Pro also allows you to create Tru-Video even before you're ready to review it. Tru-Video can be played as fast as 40 frames/second regardless of your computers efficiency. Trail cameras on the other hand create a file full of thousands of JPEGs, requiring you to "post process" them with software on a slide-show that can be played only as fast as your computer is built to play it. Only top-of-the-line computers are best suited for this, and it doesn't take a genius to realize viewing takes a while. Not so, with the Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro.

In reality, the PlotWatcher Pro works for you, while trail cameras require you to work for them. If you simply want to know what's happening at the bait pile at night, a trail cam will do the trick. However, if you want to get serious with your scouting and establish patterns that truly give you the upper hand identifying the hot spots, you need to invest in a PlotWatcher Pro from Day6. The choice is yours. Invest in success, not batteries.

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