PlotWatcher Pro Firmware Update

PlotWatcher - Pro Only!

ONLY FOR PLOTWATCHER PRO CAMERAS! (Warning: If you attempt to update your Original PlotWatcher with this firmware, you will cause permanent damage to it. Please do not do that!)

There are two primary advantages to this software:
1. It improves the picture quality in low light conditions.
2. It will prevent the creation of multiple files in a single day when the camera is overwriting old video files. In other words, it insures that, when overwriting old data on the SD card, you will always get a single file for each day – not several smaller files.

The instructions for loading the firmware are as follows:
Step 1. Download the and then unzip the file.
Step 2. To update the firmware, copy the attached file into the \DCIM\100D6OPR folder on your SD card and then power up the camera with the SD card inserted. The camera will automatically recognize the new firmware file and flash a screen indicating that it is updating. The PlotWatcher Pro will automatically restart once the firmware update is complete. You will see “version 1.21” on the camera’s screen upon startup of the camera.

Download (Plot Watcher Pro Only) Firmware Update: