GameFinder Software Downloads

PlotWatcher - Original and PlotWatcher Pro


Download the latest version of GameFinder software, or if you have not tried it, download a free copy along with sample PlotWatcher video.

GameFinder Software

Take a test drive! Download, at no cost, the latest version of the GameFinder software to maximize your PlotWatcher experience and take advantage of the latest advances in game viewing and scouting technology. Both Windows and Mac versions are available below.

If you are using a Mac computer, download the GameFinder software to your Mac in order to view the PlotWatcher videos. Click on the link below and download the zip file. After downloading, copy the GameFinder application from the "Downloads" folder to the "Applications" folder or, if you want the GameFinder to always appear on your desktop, simply drag the GameFinder icon from the "Downloads" folder onto the desktop.

Note to all Mac users: When you delete a PlotWatcher video file from your USB, a copy of that file is created in a "hidden" trash file on the USB drive. If not removed, your USB's memory will not be freed up to accept new videos. Therefore, you will need to empty the "trash" on your desktop, or dock, by right-clicking on the trashcan icon and clicking the "Empty Trash" command.

Sample PlotWatcher Video

Want to know what a PlotWatcher video looks like on the GameFinder software? In addition to GameFinder software, you can download sample PlotWatcher footage below to test drive GameFinder and see what it’s like to use a PlotWatcher and experience the latest breakthrough in game scouting technology.