PlotWatcher FAQ

How do I set the time and date on the PlotWatcher?

The first time you use the PlotWatcher, you will need to set the time and date on the camera by first loading the time and date onto the USB that you intend to use in the camera. You do this by inserting the USB into your PC, running the GameFinder software, clicking on the “Settings” button and then, on the form that comes up, clicking on the “Camera Settings” button. From there, you can set the time and date and it will store on your USB drive. Immediately insert the USB into the PlotWatcher and power it up. Any delay between setting up the USB and powering up the camera will result in the printed time on each image reflecting that delay. In other words, if you wait an hour after saving the time on the USB before inserting it into the camera and powering it up, then the time printed on each picture will be an hour behind the actual time.

When you insert the USB drive into the PlotWatcher and press the power button, all three LED lights will flash three times. This indicates that the PlotWatcher has read the new setup file. The camera will then shut itself down. To start the clock, power on the PlotWatcher and allow it to take a short video.  You can then power off the PlotWatcher until you put it out in the field. (NOTE:  You do not have to set the time each time you put a USB into the PlotWatcher.  Even “dead” batteries will retain enough power to maintain the clock for several weeks.  In addition, there is a small watch battery inside the PlotWatcher that will maintain the time and date for about 24 hours if the AA batteries have been removed.  If the PlotWatcher sits without batteries in it for more than 24 hours, you will likely need to reset the time and date.)

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