Customer Comments

Our customers have had great success using the PlotWatcher and PlotWatcher Pro. Take a look at some their comments.

Willis Cay shares one of his first PlotWatcher Pro photos
PlotWatcher image from customer Willis Cay
A PlotWatcher image submitted by customer Willis Cay.

Thought I would send my first picture for your information. My blind is visible next to tree to the right of the buck. I've just been deleting files and thought saving best pic's would be interesting. Caught a bluejay in flight about 5 feet in front of camera last week. A beautifully detailed picture of the bird. Snowing this morning here in SE Iowa and temperatures in mid-30's. We've had a very dry year.

Wish my Grandfather could see this. He gave me my first bow 60 years ago. Best wishes to you and yours for this Holiday Season. — Submitted by customer Willis Cay

Boy got his first buck, thanks to scouting with your cam

Boy got his first buck, thanks to scouting with your cam. The pro model arrived, and boy all I can say is you guys must have listened to your customers … video quality is awesome, like the dull color of the lenses housing, security lugs are great, also saving me a fortune in batteries, real time and temp is nice. Already helped me solve the mystery of which neighbor dog is pooping on my lawn. He couldn't argue with me anymore. Great product … can't say enough. — Submitted by customer Carl Reeb

Thank you very much!

I have had the PlotWatcher Pro out for about three weeks now. I had it in an area that seemed slow for deer travel for the first two weeks and I didn't get to see how well this product actually works. This past week, I moved it to another location and watched deer after deer filter in and out of our sections of corn and into the soybean field. I saw every way they came and when the crossed through. I will now be moving my stand thanks to your product in order to get closer. The battery life is proving true to your claim and I enjoy this product very much. I will be buying another PlotWatcher Pro for next season as well. Thank you very much! — Submitted by Alex Fogle