PlotWatcher Success Stories

Muzzleloader kill caught on PlotWatcher Pro

North American Whitetail editor Patrick Hogan and cameraman Mike Clerkin were hunting with Premier Outfitters in western Kentucky during muzzleloader season in 2011 when he killed this mature whitetail.

Hogan used his Plotwatcher Pro to determine exactly where a number of deer were entering a cut cornfield each evening. On opening evening of the 2011 Kentucky muzzleloader season, this buck stepped into the field right where Hogan expected, based on the Plotwatcher footage. As an added bonus, Hogan left his Plotwatcher Pro running during the hunt and managed to capture the kill on camera! Tune in to North American Whitetail TV on Sportsman Channel in Fall 2012 for complete footage of the hunt!

The buck first enters the frame at 6:27:24. He lifts his head and looks our direction at 6:27:54. I shot him after the frame at 6:28:14, and you can see him pile up on the left side of the screen at 6:28:24.

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