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PlotWatcher footage helps Shawn Moorman kill monster Kansas buck

PlotWatcher footage help Shawn and his buddies track this 181" buck in just two days.

Shawn Moorman and several other buddies from Georgia lease some farmland in Kansas that they hunt for two weeks every year. As usual, they went up a week early to do some scouting and set up some cameras; the only difference this year was that they used their new PlotWatcher Game Surveillance Systems.

The day before their first hunt, Shawn was reviewing his PlotWatcher footage and knew he saw something special. His video showed a group of deer over 200 yards away coming out of a field edge in the same place everyday. One deer in the group stood out as being dramatically larger than the rest, like a cow in a herd of deer. Shawn couldn’t see the rack clearly, but he knew by the body size that this was a huge deer. The monster didn’t show up with the group every day, but he was with them often enough that Shawn knew he had his target for the trip.

On Day 1, Shawn sat in his stand set up perfectly to catch them as they came out of the field edge. Immediately Shawn saw a 154” buck, but while that would have been a nice kill, he knew it wasn’t his monster because this guy didn’t stand out from the group. So, Shawn passed on him.

On Day 2, the group of deer came out, and there was the 154” deer AND  the monster. Shawn made a great shot with his bow and brought home an enormous Kansas whitetail.  The buck is Shawn’s biggest kill to date at 181”. The brute field dressed a whopping 315 lbs. and was 5 ½ years old!

What normally takes  a week to locate and kill took Shawn only two days with his PlotWatchers, and that’s only because the big guy didn’t come out on the first day. The PlotWatchers had done all the scouting  the week before the hunt. The PlotWatcher video gave Shawn the confidence to not only know where to place his stand, but also know that it was ok to pass on a 154” trophy because there was a buck of a lifetime waiting to be had.

And in case you are wondering, another guy in the group went back to Shawn’s spot  and got that 154” buck as well. Congratulations guys!

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