PlotWatcher Accessories

Accessories for your PlotWatcher and PlotWatcher Pro.

Add-on Lens Kit for PlotWatcher Pro

We now offer an add-on lens kit which provides two lenses that fit the PlotWatcher Pro. There is both a wide angle and a telephoto lens. Both lenses attach to the PlotWatcher Pro simply by removing the lens cover from the face of the camera by turning the lens cover in a counter clockwise direction. The accessory lenses can then be screwed onto the face of the camera using the same threads that held the lens cover.

PlotWatcher with LensesKit contains two lenses:
  • 2.0x Super High-Definition Telephoto 37mm Lens
  • 0.45x Super High-Definition Wide Angle AF37mm Lens

To get a good idea of the difference that each lens makes compared to the standard lens on the PlotWatcher Pro, see the pictures below. These pictures were taken at the same time at a distance of 150 feet.

PlotWatcher Standard Lens Image

PlotWatcher Wide-Angle Lens Image

  • PlotWatcher vs. PlotWatcher Pro